A 20/20 vision for the future

Schrader-Quote2Every scholarship changes a life. Imagine the power of 20 of them. Last semester, the University of Missouri System announced that S&T would receive state funding of $400,000 to create 20 need-based scholarship endowments.But that was only half of the story. In order to secure the funding, S&T needed to raise a matching amount in private donations.

Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader and her husband, Jeff, were the first to step forward with a gift establishing a scholarship endowment. Others joined them, contributing a minimum of $20,000 — matched by $20,000 from the state — to establish $40,000 scholarship endowments.

“We are deeply grateful to the generous donors who helped Missouri S&T meet the 20/20 Challenge for the second year in a row,” Chancellor Schrader says. “Your partnership makes the dream of higher education possible for deserving young men and women, many of whom are first-generation college students from families facing economic hardships.”

(Last year, Missouri S&T donors matched state funds of $220,000 with private funds of $220,000 in less than 48 hours to create 11 new, need-based scholarship endowments.)

The UM System announced in March that $2 million in state appropriations would be used to leverage an additional $2 million in private gifts. A total 100 need-based scholarship endowments at the system’s four campuses (20 at S&T) would be created through this public-private partnership.

The new scholarships will be awarded to students who qualify for the federal Pell Grant program, which provides tuition assistance to undergraduates from economically disadvantaged families. The scholarships will be awarded beginning with the 2015 academic year.

With gratitude

Thank you to the donors who stepped up to meet the 20/20 Challenge with matching gifts establishing scholarship endowments. Your generosity will provide opportunity for generations to come.

  • Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Academy of Engineering Management
  • Harvest Collier, family and friends
  • Del, CerE’58, and Shirley Day
  • Dan DeRiemer, EMgt’72, and Laura Rosen-DeRiemer
  • Bipin, ChE’62, MS ChE’63, and Linda Doshi
  • John, AE’79, MS EMgt’90,and Marie Eash
  • Emerson Electric Co. (2)
  • Mike McCall, MinE’80
  • Ranney McDonough, CE’66, and Mike McEvilly, CE’82, MS EMgt’81
  • Nidec Motor Corp.
  • Bob, ChE’68, MS ChE’70, PhD ChE’74, and Ginny Pahl (2)
  • Cheryl and Jeff Schrader
  • Sandy Simmons-Gamble
  • Keith Stanek
  • Cindy Tang, Econ’85, in memory of her late husband, Min Ming Tang
  • Tom Van Doren, EE’62, MS EE’63, PhD EE’69, and Derald Morgan, MS EE’65
  • Susan Watson-Hajjar, CSci’83

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