Miner Match raises $6.1 million for scholarships to date

Thank you to the OGS members and other alumni who have stepped up to support the Miner Match scholarship initiative. To date, donors have contributed $6.1 million to help S&T recruit top students through Next Generation Merit Scholarships and help current students complete their degrees through Finish Line Scholarships. Contributions received during our first Miner Giving Day totaled $375,000 in 24 hours, and with the Miner Match, we brought home $750,000 for Finish Line Scholarships. Thank you for demonstrating that Miners care. 

Pride inspires a scholarship and passion for student design

Bill Brune, CSci’73, remembers the days when computer programming involved feeding punch cards into a mainframe computer that filled an entire room. “All of us from the 1970s remember waiting for jobs to run on the IBM 360 and getting the printouts back, only to find a typo on a punched card and doing it all over again,” says the OGS member and Miner Alumni Association board member.  Continue reading

Postmark: Gratitude – A pen-and-paper tradition unites students and their scholarship donors

20160120_Scholarship_Thank_You_Letters_0207The first week of classes is a rite of passage — a time for new starts, settling in and a little sleep deprivation. It’s a week when students learn what their professors expect, how to navigate from the dorm to that 8 a.m. lecture and where to find the best pizza. Continue reading

Former McNutt Scholar leaves a legacy of his own

KornackiPhotoAlan Kornacki, GGph’74, had never been west of Pennsylvania until he came to Rolla as a freshman in 1970. A high school guidance counselor helped the New Jersey native find a school with a good reputation in geology — and Rolla showed up high on the list. Continue reading